As far as gimmicks concern, this has to be one of the best I’ve seen that iOS 7 will give us! So start taking beautiful Panorama pictures because finally you will be able to view as it was intended to be … as a Panorama!

If you are one of those brave men and women to have installed iOS 7 on your lovely device, you can read step by step instruction on how to set it up at our friend AppAdvice.

But basically this is not just your ordinary Wallpaper ūüôā Oh no … we’ve come to expect more from the design-engineering tag team of Cupertino, haven’t we?

Instead of the static wallpaper photo we currently have, if you are using a Panoramic photo (you can take it easily with your iOS Device), your wallpaper background will ‘move’ to show different part of the Panorama as you ‘move’ your Device!

How cool is that!

iOS 7 will use your iDevice’s Gyroscope to determine ‘which way’ to turn! ¬†Apparently you can turn upto 240 degress. ¬†I was actually wondering if you can turn a full circle, provided that your panorama is of the 360 degrees variety. ¬†That would be really cool!

Check out the Hands-On video below courtesy of our friend at AppAdvice to see how it looks like for real!

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