Hot on the heel of Waterlogue app, which I reviewed recently, came Brushstroke. But while Waterlogue specialises itself in creating beautiful Watercolour sketches, Brushstroke attempts to give you more variety of painting styles, colour palettes and choices of canvas surface. Moreover Brushstroke gives you an option to order a Canvas print of your ‘painting’ directly from the app.

I’ve been playing around with the app and I’m happy with the choices and the results it has provided for me. If you like to create Painterly style images with your mobile photo, you are going to love Brushstroke.

Ray of Light

Ray of Light

Read on for my hands-on review and a complete examples of all possible styles and palletes you can have with Brushtroke. And at the bottom you can check out how you can win one of the 5 Promo Codes I am giving away.

From Van Gogh To Monet

Brushstroke is a new Painting app for iOS devices, created by the guys at Code Organa, who also made the ToonCamera, one of my favourite painterly app.

After you choose which photo you want to work with, you have the option to Move or Scale the photo.  When you satisfied with your setup, tapping on the next arrow will move you to the Paint screen.


Brushstroke gives you a choice of ‘Brushes‘ to create a variety of Paint Styles allegedly inspired by various masters from different time periods. For example from the impressionist and post-impressionist art movements, which included Van Gogh, Monet, Cézanne, Renoir, etc.


Mike from Code Organa explained further about these choice of styles “We weren’t trying to mimic one particular artist, but rather, draw inspiration across a broad range of works and periods.”

There are 7 Style Groups you can choose from: Medium, Hatched, Frayed, Simple, Bold, Abstract, and Washed. And each group consist from 3 to 8 sub-styles.

Below are examples of all the styles you can choose in Brushstroke.