How to delete all your photos and videos from iCloud Permanently!

How to delete Photos and Videos from iCloud Permanently!

By now you must know the big news about several Apple iCloud accounts that belong to some celebrities which were being hacked. The hackers managed to run away with some apparently ‘you-know-what‘ photos of these famous female celebrities. The world suddenly erupted with all things about Apple and its iCloud service, accumulated in a fresh […]

A Short Guide to Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

A Short Guide To Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you as a photographer? If you say it’s loosing your photos, you are absolutely right! If you have been in this situation you would know how it feels. If you haven’t, I really wouldn’t want this happen to you, because I can tell you the feeling is […]

Create Stunning Bokeh Effect with your iPhone using Tadaa SLR

Create Stunning Bokeh Effect with your iPhone using Tadaa SLR

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love my iPhone, there are times when a manual camera is better suited for the type of photographic scene I want to create. Our mobile phone camera is by far a sophisticated piece of engineering, and as far as ‘painting with lights‘ concerns it is more than […]

The simplest way to brighten up dark underexposed photos for free using your smartphone


No matter how careful we are when we are out and about taking pictures, and no matter how much knowledge we have about Photography, once in a while we will still get into some incident where the photo we took had come out dark or underexposed (in photographic term). With Mobile Photography these incidents (or […]

5 Online Services to turn your Instagram Photo into a Unique and Personal Greeting Card


The Holiday Season is in full swing now and every year at more or less the same time we starts the same routine all over again. One of this routines is nothing else than sending Greeting Cards to our family members, relatives and friends. You know the drill, we go to our favourite Card Shops […]

11 and More Ways to Improve Your Photography [Free eBooks]

11 Ways To Improve Your Photography

One of online resources for general Photography that I often visit is Craft and Vision (C&V). C&V provides you with eBooks, Free and Paid, with topics ranging from basic technique, tips and tricks on Photography in general to a specific photo-taking guide on a specific genre (time-lapse, black & white, portrait, etc.), to how-tos on […]

How To Put Your EyeEm Photo into More Than One Album – A.K.A Multi-tagging!


Many of you might had tried EyeEm as an alternative to Instagram, especially in the aftermath of the photo ownership issue late last year. EyeEm is for sure a worthy competitor to Instagram and many would agree that it’s even better. For one, you are not limited to post square format photo, and the community […]