NeWisdom iPhone 8 Plus Case

>>> See Full Specs and Customer Reviews for the NeWisdom iPhone 8 Plus Case <<<Who hasn’t dropped their phone? I like to think I’m fairly careful, but I will admit that I have dropped my phone on numerous occasions. Even if you’ve never dropped your phone before, you should still consider something like the NeWisdom iPhone [...]

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Toddy Gear’s The Wedge and Smart Cloth for Mobile Devices

Toddy Gear is a company that specializes in creating novelty mobile accessories. Some of their products, like the Home Buttons I've reviewed in the past, could be considered to be just pretty gimmicks, though as you can read on my post they can be quite useful. ToddyGear Smart Cloth Another product that Toddy Gear creates [...]

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YOUMAKER Galaxy S9 Case

 >>> See Full Specs and Customer Reviews for the YOUMAKER Galaxy S9 Case <<<Are you on the hunt for the perfect hard case for your Galaxy S9? For such a great phone, you’re going to want to protect it from anything you throw its way. After all, smartphones might be convenient, but they are anything but [...]

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Manfrotto PIXI – The Lamborghini of Mini Tripod world

As far as mini tripod concern, nothing so far can beat the beauty of the Italian-made Manfrotto PIXI. The design line and physical contour of this three-legged platform is so out of this world that you would be forgiven to think that it was some kind of an alien drone the first time you see it. But Manfrotto Pixi [...]

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Square Jellyfish Wireless Camera Shutter Release and Music Remote Control for Smartphones

One photography technique you can employs to avoid camera shake is to use a remote shutter release with your camera. A standard remote shutter release takes a form of a physical 'cable'. Recently I've reviewed such 'wired' shutter release made by Gizmon, which sports a metre-length retractable cord. This is good enough when you don't [...]

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Gizmon iCA – Remote Shutter Release for iDevices

  One photography technique to avoid camera shake is to use a remote shutter release with your camera. In the SLR world, using a remote shutter has been a standard practice since almost the beginning of time when camera was invented. The remote shutter release normally takes a form of a physical cable which you [...]

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BeastGrip The Most Advance Mobile Photography Rig

Some of the mobile gears I’ve come across have been created with a big emphasis to video-making market as well as the mobile photography crowds. Products like SmartPhocus, ShoulderPod S1, or even Manfrotto Klyp+ . was designed with similar characteristics, e.g. stability, comfort, versatility and modularity.But none of these products can come close to the versatility I’ve [...]

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Get a good ‘Grip’ of your Smartphone Camera with Shoulderpod S1

The first time I took Mobile Photography more seriously and started to take photos a lot, I began to realise that as far as the form-factor goes a typical mobile phone had not been designed for photography. It just doesn't have that 'grip' I usually get when I hold a proper SLR. How we [...]

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Personalise your iPhone with ToddyGear Home Button ‘Bumpy’ Sticker

As far as personalisation concerns, the so-called smartphones accessories market doesn't really give us much choices these days, especially if I compare it to the 'hand-phones' heyday of the 90's. Back then you can buy all sort of accessories for your Nokias or Ericcssons or Motorolas. From changing the whole cover along with the keypad [...]

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Stylish iPhone Suede Jacket – Slip Case from WaterField

  WaterField Designs is a San Francisco company that has been making bags and cases for digital devices since 1998. All WaterField products are design and locally made in San Francisco, which for me is quite an achievement and dedication on its own. Today I'm reviewing one of WaterField fine designs, the Suede Jacket (Slip [...]

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