Revi Charger – Probably the Thinnest External Battery and Charger for Mobile Devices

Revi Charger - The Thinnest External Battery Pack for Mobile Devices

What’s one of the most annoying thing that could happen to a mobile photographer? Yes, it’s loosing power in the middle of an important shot! In fact I’ve been having this freaking episode too many times with my iPhone 5 already for a few months now. More often than not, the phone died even when […]

Amazing iOS Photo and Video Apps at Half-Price

Amazing Photo Video Apps

Today Apple iTunes App Store is running a promotion for some of the coolest iOS Photo and Video Apps. For a limited time you can get any of these 14 apps for a half-price. I owned more than half of these apps and I can tell you they are really worth to get. In fact […]

ProCamera 7 finally supports Uncompressed TIFF format and added Hi-Res Instagram Upload

ProCamera 7 finally supports Uncompressed TIFF format

I was punching my hand in the air today when I read the list of new features that came with the latest ProCamera 7 update. I was so happy because one of my top item in my wish list was thetre. At last ProCamera 7 supports the uncompressed lossless TIFF format! Rejoice! This very feature […]

Microstock Poker: Selling your stock image portfolio


A quick look at the microstock photography industry and how to break into it Today’s high-tech landscape has seemingly become obsessed with size, but in the opposite direction than you may think. Tiny phones, tiny computers… everything just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Even the stock photo industry has gotten in on the “micro” craze. […]

A new Analog/Aesthetic Preset Pack for VSCOCam FREE for grab

VSCOCam Analog Aesthetic Free Preset Pack

VSCOCam, one of my favourite Photo App has made available for a limited time, a new Preset Pack for FREE. The Preset is part of the Analog/Aesthetic Pack. There are 3 Presets to choose; A4, A5 and A6. Here is what they say about it: With natural tones, subtle color shifts and slight fading, Analog […]

Get Photoshop and Lightroom for Less than the price of 3 cups of coffee a month

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographer

As a photographer I’m sure you know about Adobe Photoshop and probably have heard about Adobe Lightroom. You are probably even using them today.  The former is probably one of the most advance and widely used Desktop Imaging software ever, and the latter is one of the best Desktop Photo Editor/Manager.  They are simply one […]

Farewell Streamzoo! What are the alternatives?

R.I.P Streamzoo! What are the alternatives?

Yesterday a notification came up on my iPhone which immediately caught my, because it came directly from Streamzoo team. I thought a notification coming directly from the app which hardly made contact for a whiel must’ve had a big news to tell. I had immediately my suspicion, I mean a direct competitor to Instagram sent […]

VSCO Cam completed its transformation into a full-fledged social photo sharing app

VSCO Cam 3.0

As it happened VSCO Cam has fast becoming the most favourite photo editing app of all time, slightly just below Snapseed. And why not? With simple but powerful editing tools and subtle but beautiful filters, this app created by Visual Co, whom accidentally also famous with creating beautiful plugins for Lightroom that mimic classic film […]

IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case for iPhone 5/5s Review


Here is an idea so obvious I was wondering why nobody thought about it before. The phone is something we carry with us all day every day. So why not have a phone case in which we can also carry tools we might need from time to time or in an emergency situation? This is […]

EyeEm had a FaceLift for its new iOS7 Edition that will Make All Women Envy

New EyeEm for iOS7

Here is the difference between EyeEm and other Photos Sharing apps, one that set them apart – the founders are themselves very passionate about Photography. When somebody is passionate about what he/she’s doing, it shows on the quality of his/her works. This is basically what EyeEm is about, a fruit of passion coupled with an […]