Instagram Has Put You BACK on the Director’s Seat

As I wrote on my previous post, my number ONE complain for the new Instagram video was that we couldn't upload our own video.  In that post too I mentioned that Instagram was planning to add this functionality in the future.  But I've never thought that that future is 'right now'! With the release of [...]

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9 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Video

As many has predicted, today’s Facebook event is all about the introduction of video in Instagram.  I know many of you have updated your Instagram app, and probably have even tried to dabbled in this craft of moving image, but let's just recap everything your need to know about the new Instagram Video: 1. Instead [...]

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Instagram will gain Video this week – Are you ready for another Revolution? [Rumour]

According to Techcrunch, Facebook will imbue its Instagram app with the 'power' of Video, which allegedly will get announced later this week at the Facebook Event on June 20th! If this rumour is true, than the consequence is huge! By now you should know already about Vine, the Video Social Sharing app owned by Twitter. [...]

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The New Instagram’s Photos of You is opening a Floodgate for Spammers

  It's been one year now since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, and finally Instagram is delivering a new feature that's very close to a feature that the Mothership has.  This new feature is dubbed the 'Photos of You', and if you are familiar with how photo-tagging works in Facebook, you will feel almost at [...]

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Instagram Took One Step Closer to be a Full Web App by Turning On User’s Feed

Despite the recent bruhaha involving the new Terms and Conditions, which despite their attempt to revise it, it still has some points to be considered; I am glad that Instagram continues innovating, creating new features. So, after the new Web Profile they released a few months ago, today Kevin (Instagram's Founder) announced that they launched [...]

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Get This Bamboo Photo Frame From Hatchcraft For Your Valentine’s Gift + Discount Code

Looking for a Valentine's gift for your Loved Ones? Here is an idea, your choice of photograph mounted on a Square Bamboo Frame! It's beautiful, I've seen it myself. This idea was the brain-child of Shane Rich from Boulder (Colorado-USA) who founded Hatchcraft 2 years ago (along with the Instagram's square photo revolution). The frame, [...]

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One Thing You Must Know If You Decide To Stay With Instagram

Everybody got the memo from Instagram regarding the new TOS and Privacy Policy which are taking effect starting today? Did you decide to stay or did you bail out? If you are still in limbo, confused and unsure what to do, well, maybe this post will help make it a little bit clearer of what [...]

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Turn Your Instagram Photos Into A Real Calendar

It's a new year and you need a new calendar, except that there is nothing on the shop that has taken your fancy. Well, if you have been busy posting your mobile pictures into your Instagram, why can't you just use them for your calendar? You can, and it's very easy to do with Calendagram. [...]

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Instagram New Terms of Service Could Be Just All The Excuse Users Need To Finally Quit

When Instagram got acquired by Facebook 8 months ago many Instagram users and other tech pundits were voicing their concern about how far Instagram could stay true to its original vision, and how much influence that Facebook would force upon its new subsidiary. Of course, we, the loyal users quickly brushed off all doubts, and [...]

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram And Make It A Better Place At The Same Time

Before you brand me as superficial – attention seeker – power hungry narcissist, first I must tell you that this post it’s not about who can get the most followers, NO … that is not what I want you to take away after you finish reading this. This post is first and foremost is an [...]

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