iPhone 6s – What’s new for Mobile Photography?

For the iPhone 6s launch event this year, Apple gave it a title 'The only thing that's changed is everything'. Pretty big word I'd say. But let's see whether the claim had merit for us mobile photographers at least. I've written some some of the predictions that we could gather before the Apple event last [...]

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How to get a Free Replacement for your broken iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake button

Apparently a Free Battery Replacement is not the only thing that Apple would do these days for my old and trusted iPhone 5! After successfully replaced my battery, I went back to the geniuses at the Apple Store to get my broken Sleep/Wake (On/Off) button fixed ... for FREE! This time though, I had to [...]

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Comparison Table of iPhone 6/6 Plus Pay Monthly Tariff for All UK Providers

Last week Apple announced its latest generation of its mobile phone, the iPhone 6 and it's bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus. In the UK, pre-order for iPhone 6/6 Plus was opened on the September 12th, and ALL major UK Mobile Network providers are on-board and ready with their respected offerings. Either you are a long-time [...]

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Apple offers FREE Battery Replacement Program for Eligible iPhone 5

Today is a happy day for me! Because apart from the fact that today is Friday (TGIF!), I've also been blessed by none other than the Apple gods! What am I talking about? Well here is the thing. I came across some news about something that to me is so rarely done by Apple, they [...]

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iPhone 6 – How is it going to look like?

With the usual feeling of euphoria in anticipation of the Apple's event on the 9th of September, much had been said about the latest generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. Many had also been creating mock-ups, from total artist imagination to sample unit 'assembled' from hardware parts. But none of these probably come as [...]

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What can you expect from iPhone 5S if you are a Mobile Photographer

Earlier this week one reliable source for all Apple news told us to expect for the next big Apple Event to be on the 10th of September. This event is of course the eagerly-awaited iDevices event where Apple would reveal its next generation of iPhone(s) and iPad(s)! There have been many speculations, some backed with [...]

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iPhone 5 – What’s In It for iPhoneographers?

Tomorrow the biggest Gadget sales event of the year will take place. It is the iPhone 5 launch day! If you want one and you haven't pre-order it, well unfortunately you will have to queue with the others on Friday. Either that or you have to wait for another 3 weeks. Now, if you are [...]

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